Juyo has developed four beautifully designed, intuitive products for managing and analysing data, specifically designed for today's Digital Environment


Optimize your day-to-day

  • Replace your legacy daily optimization Excel sheets with a clear, personalized tool. Juyo’s intuitive user interface allows you to tailor your view and add or remove different visualizations and data sets for a truly bespoke vision of your business.
  • Add context to your daily tactics by leveraging data from both internal and external sources.
  • Maintaining forecasts and budgets is made easy and effortless. Improve forecast accuracy and communicate tactics with other departments seamlessly.


Create Compelling Data Stories

  • An intuitive interface allows your users to design and save as many dashboards as they need using key data from internal and external sources.
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of your business at all times by tracking and correlating key KPIs and business drivers.
  • Break silos: share information and communicate business performance across departments and functions like never before. Enable and empower your users to take data-driven decisions.


Optimize Net Revenue

  • Plan for success: set and analyze distribution strategies and goals and track your progress. Optimize your sales and marketing budget  and track campaign ROI without ever losing sight of your KPIs.

  • Juyo aggregates your distribution costs and marketing spend at the most granular level to give you real time past, present and future information about your Net Revpar.

  • Tap into new opportunities. Know how much profit you have on the books at all times.  Drive profit by tracking your segment and channel performance and net contribution.


Explore your business performance

  • Become a data-driven organization, placing deep insights at the core of your strategic decision making. Take advantage of a collection of beautifully designed visualizations focusing on key commercial areas. Add context, dimension and depth to your data.
  • Harness technology that allows you to extract key insights from vast amounts of data, from both internal and external sources. Identify and take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities.
  • Direct users to key focus areas through data mining techniques. Cut down the time taken from insight to decision.

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