There are millions of data constellations out there. You just might not be able to spot them. We connect the dots.

Go Digital

In a digital environment, empowering people with analytics is where value creation occurs. The solutions of the past won’t make it happen and simply having the best data or writing the most cutting-edge algorithm is not enough. Success in a big data world requires wholesale organizational transformation.

Break Silos

A successful team is a single-minded team, sharing information and working towards a common goal. Working together, a commercial team, consisting of revenue management, sales and marketing, digital and distribution, can acquire, engage, and retain guests. By doing so, they will optimize performance, increase revenue and lower acquisition costs. All departments in the hotel should «speak the same language» and build a strategy together, with common goals.

Improve Commercial Performance

With a fully integrated commercial team you can finally optimize your property’s marketing mix: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. By working together, your team can devise the optimum pricing, product offering, segment and distribution strategy that will bring the best results, taking it beyond revenue and integrating acquisition costs into the decision-making process.

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