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In today’s digital age, hotels are bombarded with data from countless sources. Commercial Data, revenue metrics, finance statistics, food and Beverage performance and more – all scattered across disparate systems.

It’s a modern paradox: we have more information than ever, but spend most of our time merely gathering it.

Now, imagine a world where data effortlessly converges, giving you a unified view of your performance. A world where insights are immediately actionable.

Three ways to unleash your full potential with cutting edge analytics

Juyo is trusted by the best

“The Juyo platform and their clear vision on total revenue have been instrumental in optimising our commercial operations. With Juyo, we have gained insights into our distribution expenses, allowing us to improve our overall profitability. Juyo has truly been a game-changer for us.”
Diego Fernandez de Ponga
Corporate Senior Director
Revenue Management – Palladium Hotel Group (Data Platform)
“None of the other systems on the market possess the level of power and flexibility that Juyo Analytics offers. It is precisely this exceptional combination, along with the professionalism demonstrated by their team, that led us to select Juyo Analytics as the Embedded solution for our RMS.”
Emilio Galán
Founder and CEO
BEONx Revenue Management Solution (Embedded Analytics)
“One of the best systems I have ever worked with when striving for revenue-optimization. Interfaced with all systems, Juyo is highly sophisticated. It offers a lot of features which helps me as a Managing Director to evaluate our revenue-performance at a glance. “
Jan Patrick Kruger
Managing Director
PANDOX Germany (Juyo Data Visualisation)
“Juyo is an easy-to-use tool that allows us to quickly access data from our hotels. We have a clear vision of our performance.
Since using Juyo, we have been able to take immediate actions to optimize our results and adapt ourselves to the trends of a constantly changing market.”
Éléna Catoir
Revenue Director
B Signature Hotels & Resorts (Juyo Analytics data visualisation platform)
“Juyo not only brings all data to one platform, but it also connects and transforms complex information into intuitive and extraordinary data visualisations.

Juyo enables us at Penta Hotels to make informed and powerful strategic decisions.”
Victoria Fischer
Chief of Intelligence
Penta Hotels

A space to connect the dots for every type of Hospitality Business

Independent Hotels

Streamlined, automated analytics solutions that optimize time efficiency. Free up time so your team can focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Generate deep insights from your data in a few clicks so you can run your property more efficiently and with better performance.

Hotel Groups and Global Chains

Deploy personalised analytics that enable teams corporate as well as hotel teams to identify emerging trends, compare performance across properties, markets and brands while seamlessly transitioning between granular details and strategic views. Unlimited grouping of properties and flexible segmentation options ensure you get the most out of your data.

Ownership & Asset Management

Asset Managers need comprehensive analytics to evaluate commercial performance including customer profit contribution, net revenue, Flow-through efficiencies and guest reviews, but also leverage new metrics such as revenue per square meter. Keep tabs on your properties at a high level and get involved in the detail when it is needed.

Revenue Management Companies

Uncover value to bring to your customers by leveraging the most powerful commercial analytics in the industry. Improve internal processes and remove manual work so you can focus on actual Revenue Management rather than manual data manipulation.

Hotel Tech Companies

Our hospitality embedded analytics offer rapid market entry, full customization, and user-friendly design coupled with an onboarding process that ensures high adoption. We provide granular analytics with top-tier data visualization, along with scalability, robust security, and comprehensive data governance.


Juyo is the most of connected Analytics platform in hospitality. With an impressive range of integration diversity, we tap into the heart of the industry’s data spectrum