November 28, 2023

A Case Study: Spier Hotel, Stellenbosch, ZA

Learn about how Juyo Analytics helps Spier Hotel in South Africa with better access to data to run and optimize their business.

Spier Hotel connected with Juyo Analytics to save hours on manual reporting and provide them the opportunity to better understand the overall property's performance. By utilising Juyo Analytics, they can filter and dissect data, honing in on specific parts of their business, ultimately bringing to light any deficiencies or potential opportunities within the business strategy.
Couple walking in front of Spier Hotel in Stellenbosch, South Africa

We sat down with the Commercial Manager and Revenue Manager at Spier Hotel to find out directly from them how Juyo Analytics is assisting his decision making and the overall performance.

“Juyo allows you to seamlessly interpret large data- allowing for deeper analysis (filtering and cross-filtering) and the insights that come out of that data is where true potential lies.”
Michela Trolese, Commercial Manager, Valor Hospitality/Spier

What Juyo Analytics features are most appealing?


We can search for any period and in that period, with the statistics that are presented, you can then click on any field, and it will further breakdown that field.

By utilising Juyo Analytics, our managers benefit from a multitude of distinct viewpoints and display options, receiving accurate and easily digestible business insights.

Juyo Analytics allows for budget and forecast input and compares our pickup and pace to it.

Managers ensure decision-making accuracy and cut back on time-consuming data management effort.

With Juyo Analytics we can export the analytics and reporting into various formats.

Juyo Analytics has drastically improved our inter-departmental communication by providing one source for all our data.

The solution allows us to seamlessly interpret large data – allowing for deeper analysis (filtering and cross-filtering) and the insights that come out of that data is where true potential lies.

Can you please provide us with some of your biggest challenges before implementing Juyo?


Decision making accuracy was difficult to achieve before we implemented Juyo Analytics. Since implementation, managers have improved decision making to achieve maximum profit and eliminated human errors.

We have cut down many hours of manual reporting. Before Juyo, tracking and monitoring our analytics was time consuming.

It was difficult to go through large data effectively. After connecting with Juyo Analytics we have eliminated the need for a team member to spend hours compiling a report to only find that it does not provide you the information you need.

Which Juyo constellations bring the most value to your day-to-day data needs?


The daily breakdown of our business and comparison of Pick-up vs Pick-up L.Y.

How many hours per week do you estimate Juyo is saving you at your hotel?


Since we have implemented Juyo Analytics, I save at least the equivalent of a week’s worth of time each month – probably more.

The ability for me to create my customised dashboards and reports which are readily accessible to me is an incredible time saver which also enables to me explore my business dimensions quickly.

Which departments/personnel are using Juyo Analytics? If yes, what analytics or constellations are they using?


At the present moment, it just within the Revenue and Commercial managers, however I am in the process of creating user accounts for our sales manager and reservations and revenue administrator.

Another one of Juyo’s perks: Multiple departments at different levels within the hotel can utilise the business intelligence to extract data relevant to their roles.

About Spier Hotel


The Spier Hotel, on our history-rich Stellenbosch wine farm, makes a brilliant family-friendly base to explore the Cape Winelands. Spier ranks in the Top 100 Vineyards in the world, and it’s also home to one of South Africa’s largest contemporary art collections. Life feels good here. Superb eateries. Beautiful wines. Loads to see and do. The quaint village-style hotel strikes a balance between easy-going but attentive hospitality. Our 80 rooms are clustered around six courtyards, each with its own peaceful garden and pool, close to the Eerste River

Maghmoed Alexander – Revenue & Reservations Manager

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