Our philosophy for Hotel Analytics in 3 pillars

1. Personalisation

In the same way that we have to create personalized experiences for our customers, we should also deliver the same level of personalization for decision-making to our people. Different Stakeholders have different needs. A salesperson is less interested in detailed pickup reports. A general manager is more interested in knowing if he hits his monthly or quarterly numbers. A distribution executive wants to see the cost of distribution and channel performance. A revenue manager will want more details about customer behavior. There is no point in throwing all the data to all the people, time is precious.

Our solution to this is Canvas. Canvas is a flexible working environment. You can unleash your creativity by putting detailed analytics together, or work with one of our “templates,” or customizing these templates to your liking. The beauty is that every user has their own version of the truth. And that truth is part of the overall truth. No Analysis paralysis here!

2. Exploration

The needs of commercial people are different every day. Today one might take a bird’s eye view of the business and focus on the big picture. Another day a particular business case might require a super granular approach. Reconciling both is not an easy task. When looking at the big picture, you don’t want to get distracted by details and crazy filtering options. Less noise is better. When you do want details, though, you need to be able to take a deep dive with a few clicks.

Our solution is data exploration. It’s like looking at a polished diamond with all its facets. It is invisible when you don’t need it, but you can drill down to the tiniest details with a few clicks. Shifting perspective is almost instant and allows you to look at the data from different angles. Last but not least, expanding calendar selections will enable you to either travel in time or explore booked vs. stayed patterns.

3. Data In Context

This is one that we are the most passionate about. Hospitality business is a complex business. Most so-called analytics platforms will give you data about booking pace and pickup. This is the base. Ground 0. As more and more hotels get Business Intelligence tools in place, the playing field gets leveled. In order to drive more revenue and profit and outperform the competition, one needs to dig deeper.

Our answer to this is Data In context. We have built a rich data model that holds transactional and customer data together. This data model is enriched with more data points such as profitability and total revenue spent. But it is not only limited to that. We capture external data, attach it there and store the evolution of all these data points. In practice, this means that as we layer and layer the data, new more profound insights become available. Insights that produce breakthroughs. The next frontier is applying AI to all the above. We are very busy behind the scenes… More on this to come…

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